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Know Your Allottee (“KYA”) is an important process to improve the communication channel between the public and New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (“NOIDA”, “Noida Authority” or “the Authority”). NOIDA’s Property Information Management System (“PIMS”) has the ability to send reminders, demand notices etc. via email or SMS to allottees. But to use the system to its full potential, the contact details of allottees (email address and phone number) is required. Hence, KYA is needed to ensure that the Authority is able to use PIMS and send communications digitally. Currently, demand generation in the Authority is done by sending physical letters to allottees. This increases costs and is an inefficient way to encourage the public to make payments. Many allottees may not be residing in the property where the letter is sent and the information on dues etc. may not be effectively communicated to them. This leads to a reduction in recovery of dues for the Authority and impact revenue collection. In addition, no other channel of communication exists with the public, aside from demand generation via letters. Sending reminders to allottees, informing them of increase in lease rent amount or rental rates does not take place. Increasing correspondence by providing regular updates via SMS and email would be more beneficial, as it would reduce costs and the information would also reach a wider population. The location of the allottee would also not matter while sending communications as it would be done digitally. Moreover, KYA would also assist in the gradual implementation of services offered by the Authority (such as transfer, mutation, change in constitution or CIC etc.) online. For the purpose of rolling out KYA, a 2 phased approach would be required. The first phase would include the design, creation and rollout of the KYA platform, while the second phase would include increasing its outreach and improving its effectiveness. The following table summarises a list of activities to be undertaken in each phase:
  • All information is compulsory to fill, unless stated otherwise
  • You will have to attach a scanned copy of the following documents:

Any one ID proof:

  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Voter id
  • Driving license
  • Passport

Any one Proof of ownership:

  • Allotment letter
  • Transfer letter
  • Mutation letter

Any one proof of registration:

  • Company PAN
  • ROC certificate
  • GST registration Certificate

Any one proof of ownership:

  • Allotment letter
  • Transfer letter
  • CIC letter
  • The scanned documents can be in a .jpeg or .pdf format with a minimum size size of 20kb and maximum size of 5MB

Allottee Information

Communication Address

I/We hereby declare that all the information provided is true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge and belief and is provided for the allottee and no other third party. I/We undertake to inform you of any changes therein, immediately. In case any of the above information is found to be false or untrue or misleading or misrepresenting, I am/we are aware that I/we may be held liable for it. I/We understand that the information provided will solely be used for communication purposes only and no other purpose.